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Aug 02, Insert the pilot bearing removal tool with the jam fully backed off into the pilot bearing.

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Turn the tools to handle clockwise to spread the tool hands outward. This way, the body of the tool will rest against the flywheel, which will support the pulling stumptrimmers.buzzted Reading Time: 6 mins. This video covers removing and replacing the pilot bearing.

Here is the Haynes Manual if you want it for your projectDisclaimer: I am an amazon affiliate and. Apr 09, Modern cars use an anti-friction bearing, more commonly known as roller bearing, while older vehicles utilize a bronze bushing which is pressed into the end of the crankshaft.

Removing a pilot bearing carefully is important- the interference fit in the crankshaft needs to be undamaged. With nothing to pry or grab onto, you run into a stumptrimmers.buzzted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Jul 19, The tool is simple: you insert a hollow rod with small fish hook-like barbs on the end into the pilot bearing/bushing. When it bottoms out at the far end the small barbs on the tip of the rod which were compressed on the way into the bearing will snap open and grab the back side of the stumptrimmers.buzzted Reading Time: 3 mins.

To install the new bearing easily, put it in the freezer for 30 minutes for it to shrink.

To remove the pilot bearing from the Fordand engines: (Fordand engines have the pilot bearing in the flywheel) Harbor Freight has a pilot bearing removal tool better suited to removing pilot bearings from the flywheel. Also check out these Pilot Bearing Removal Tools. Another option. Nov 02, Nov 05, Nov 2, #1. Real easy to remove the pilot bearing using the disc line up tool and grease. if you go all gung ho about gettin this bearing out and damage it before doing it this way (the right way) this method aint gonna work for you.

first pull the ring lookin knob out of the line up tool that comes in your kit. Oct 11, Oct 13, 4, Posts. #3 Oct 11, The bearing is not in the flywheel. It goes into the motor. To remove the bearing you need a pilot bearing removal tool. You turn the end of the tool with a ratchet+socket so it causes it to open up. This puts a lot of pressure on the bearing and then you move the slide hammer back to bring it out. Mar 01, previously i have used slide hammers (which the factory service manual specifies btw), grease trick, bread trick, chisels, you name it but i just picked this tool up - otc - and the pilot bearing was out in 2intact pieces in seconds, with no violence or mess.

also nice cuz it spreads the load right where it should be - at the crank. i believe it was designed for / ford. Engine Crank toTransmission Pilot Bushings. Many manual transmissions will be married to stock as well as conversion engines, and a custom pilot bushing will be required in many instances. Predominately, these bushings are bronze alloys are impregnated with oil to arbor the pilot tip of a transmission input shaft.