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Cut back as much as one-third of the total plant height.

Sep 21, Prune your Vitex in late winter or very early spring when the weather is beginning to warm. If you prune the Vitex in the dead of winter, the Vitex may lose moisture from the pruning wounds and freeze to death if there is a hard freeze.

Decide how you would like the Vitex to grow. If the Vitex has a strong central leader growing from the middle.

Dec 13, Pruning Vitex. Vitex is also called chaste tree (no idea why) and Texas lilac (although it’s not fragrant and is unrelated to true lilacs). When I was a kid in College Station, vitex shrubs filled corners of backyards. City lots were much bigger then, and it wasn’t uncommon for the plants to grow 15 or 18 feet tall and 20 feet stumptrimmers.buzzted Reading Time: 2 mins. Pruning a Vitex Agnus Castus Chaste Tree.

The incredibly tough chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus) works well for rock gardens and other low-maintenance gardens, because it endures severe growing. Feb 23, Use a pair of bypass pruners or longer bypass loppers on a smaller shrub; pruning a small vitex tree requires a to foot telescoping bypass pruner.

Don't neglect sanitizing your pruning tools between cuts in 70 percent isopropyl alcohol for two minutes when moving from one branch to another. Oct 05, How To Fertilize, Prune And Water A Vitex Chaste Tree Posted by Brent Wilson on 10/5/ to Fertilizing & Watering Tips Chaste trees, scientifically known as Vitex agnus-castus, are beautiful flowering trees that are exceptionally easy to grow and care for.

Make sure where you prune them that you prune to a bud and make your cut in a angle. The angles needs to be sloping away from the bud and not toward the bud.

Depending on the size of a branch, you'll use bypass hand pruners, lopping pruners, or a tree saw to remove branches.

This will help with water running off the new cut instead of standing on the cut if you made the cut straight across. “Remember that vitex (chaste tree) blooms from new growth, so don. May 10, Once you know when and how to prune chaste trees, you can keep them looking neat and blooming all summer.

Chaste Tree Pruning Info.

The third year, your tree should bloom small purple flowers.

There are several reasons to prune a chaste tree. Left to their own devices, they grow 15 to 20 feet ( to 6 m.) tall and 10 to 15 feet (3 to m.) wide, but you can control the size through pruning chaste trees. Sep 03, If you wish to grow the vitex as a V-shaped, multi-trunked small tree, do not prune as hard to avoid having to"retrain" the plant.

Keep lower branches and suckers removed. Dec 05, Home; Who we are? Terms of Use; Drop us a line; Chaste Tree Pruning Info: When And How To Prune A Chaste Tree.