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pine tree mulch good or bad, 2420 Lexington MA Spindle bolt set with flip top press-in oilers. Item Number: SB. Year:set. Spindle bolt reamer alignment tool. Item Number: RMT. Year: All.each. Spindle body bushing installation tool (driver). Additional Information. This kit has 4 pieces that allow you to repair the diameter of the hole for the spindle bolt and the treads on a worn front axle.

This kit includes 2 top steel bushings and 2 lower threaded steel bushings. The top hole for the spindle has to have a tapered opening machined into it. The steel bushing is then inserted to.

Model T Ford Forum: Forum Looking for a spindle bushing solution By Ward Sherwood on Thursday, April 09, - pm: I have new spindle bolts and bushings. Out of the box, the fit of the bushings on the bolts is probably within After pressing the bushings into the spindle, I have tried a piloted adjustable reamer, which works.

T-Parts Sterling, MA RMT Spindle Bushing Reamer Alignment Tool Instructions. The front spindles of the Model T Ford pivot around the spindle bolt on two bronze bushings. Over time these bushings wear and need replacing. The orignal spindle bolts had a diamter of". By Norman T. Kling on Monday, November 16, - pm.

You need to face the top and bottom of the axle. Take off any worn areas so the faces are smooth and perpendicular to the spindle bolt. Then place one bushing into the spindle and use the reamer with the long pilot through the old bushing in the other end.

Cleaned up Spindle describing how to remove the Bushings with a Driver I machined out of Aluminum round stock. the slickest way if your handy with a welder is to wipe all grease out of the spindle, so it will not burn you, then run several beads of weld at low heat onto the inside of the bushing, let it cool on its own and the weld will shink and loosen the bushing allowing you to use a hammer and bar to drive it out, use low heat, you only want the.

Oct 19, They won't come out in one piece.

I left mine in there also after powder coating.

They are relatively brittle. Place a flat blade screw driver on the rim of the bushing and hit it with a hammer toward the center. The bushing will chipp out. New ones are relatively cheap. To replace, gently heat the spindle and push the new bushing in by hand. Dec 23, Well I have removed these before with a Dremel and Cut-off wheel. Very time consuming and unnerving. I thought about trying to find a bearing puller to get them out and couldn't find anything at the auto parts stores here.

So I looked at Harbor Freight. Then I found this little baby for