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Simply give it a good drink and wait about a week and see if the.

Jun 06, i've had it for nearly a month. everything had been going alright at first. i saved a cluster of succulents that were grouped together at lowes prior to buying this portulacaria and it started dropping leaves and sprouting more that were alot weaker and would drop off almost as soon as it matured and then it just turned into a stick, i know now with having the tag from this recently acquired.

Elephant bush dropping leaves. HU 3 years ago. it will take a few years to get to this size again. You may be better off to buy a new one with good healthy roots at a nursery. If you want to buy the same type as you have, take a branch of it into the nursery. Golden yellow dig tree australia, 78133 Canyon Lake TX of turpentine bush herald the arrival of fall.

Nov 14, Leaf drop can also be a sign of underwatering. Not getting enough water can cause leaves of Elephant Bush to dry out and eventually fall off. You should water your Elephant Bush regularly in summer and cut the watering a little bit during the colder months.

As with most of the other succulents, you can’t be wrong with using the “soak and dry” stumptrimmers.buzzted Reading Time: 4 mins.

Jul 31, Leaf drop occurs when the leaves of the elephant bush fall off of the stem suddenly. This happens because the roots at the bottom of the plant have Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. Dec 11, My elephant bush's are dropping leaves like are sitting on a counter & every morning i have to clean up's actually 2 different plant that are doing only thing that has happened to them is a few months back this started after i got mealies in a small plant i spray the plant end of creepy was a bunch of other plants around this plant that i treated.

Dec 17, Overwatering is the primary cause of failure in elephant bushes because it robs the plants of oxygen and invites fungal rot disease. The leaves of. Feb 19, Hello eliza, I think your elephant bush is just in a cycle right now of changing its leaves. I see new growth at the nodes. Just be patient, and continue your watering intervals. The stems looks firm, nothing soggy looking. My elephant bush is staying outdoors here with our overnight temps hitting 30F and daytime highs at 55F to 60F range.

Help! I have a portulacaria afra (elephant bush) bonsai dropping leaves! Close. 5. Posted by 8 years ago. Archived. Help! I have a portulacaria afra (elephant bush) bonsai dropping leaves! or maybe pinch some of the outer and smaller leaves off or maybe even prune some of the outer branches off to try to get it to back-bud more and keep it. Portulacaria Afra Elephant Bush Mammoth. The Mammoth Elephant Bush has large leaves almost 2 times the size of the regular Portulacaria Afra.

The leaves when old are not too shiny compared to the newly sprouted leaves. The stems are very similar to the regular Elephant Bush. This is a recent addition to our collection.